dolly chin

Kevin Balancing a dolly at a Talent Show

What started with a simple broom has brought amazement to the lives of thousands!

Kevin Shiflett has been chin balancing since the age of 10. Inspired by a trip to the circus, he attempted to balance a broom and his skill has grown from there. When graduating high school, Kevin was even voted ‘Most Likely to Join the Circus.’ He was featured in the yearbook balancing a wheelbarrow!

He has been honored to perform his talent for hundreds of audiences while participating in community events, various school and church talent shows, television shows, and halftimes and timeouts throughout the NBA.

Outside of chin balancing, Kevin enjoys racquetball, church activities, and spending time with family and friends. He believes in keeping life ‘balanced’ and would love to perform at your next activity, corporate event, or halftime show!

His shows typically last 5-7 minutes, but accommodations can be made for any event.

Contact him here with any questions or requests.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @ChinBalancer and post about him at #chinbalancing on social media!